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We ensure our 100% effort towards security, reliability, and timeliness in every transit. At Bally Logistics, we value both our customers, and our carriers, and ensure they are met with the most pleasant experience possible.

Why Choose Bally Logistics?

We Go The Distance

Bally Logistics is your go-to company for cost effective and flexible solutions for all your shipping needs. Close or remote, small to large, new business or an established corporation, we can handle anything you need. Reach out to one of our team-members; we’re always ready to help you get to your destination!

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75% of employees are LAE’s
720+ hours of training per LAE
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Why Choose Bally Logistics?

Because You Deserve 100%

Our goal is to become your long-term solutions partner for all logistic needs. Let Bally Logistics get to the root of your shipping problem. Delivering goods to your customers is a task that we don’t take lightly. It’s a complex process that our knowledgeable team takes seriously in order to find the best shipping solution. We do more than move products; we ensure our 100% effort towards security, reliability, and timeliness in every transit. You have questions? We’re happy to help.

Our Key Performance Components

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On-time component
Size of fleet
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Bally Logistics is structured to optimize communication

Effective logistic services are based on four pillars - timeliness, reliability, safety and scalability. Our technology partners, carriers, shipping providers and team members all aim to deliver on these values. So that you get precision transit services for every project whether big or small. We also have special guidelines for fragile goods to make sure your package is secure from pick up till delivery.

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The Bally Logistics Process ensures your freight is safe.

Review Signed Carrier Packet

After receiving the signed carrier packet and liability insurance forms, Bally Logistics reviews the paperwork and confirms it’s acceptable.

Check Authority/License

The carrier’s active authority and history is confirmed next.

Check DOT

Bally Logistics validates that the carrier has the authority to operate under all DOT specifications.

Check TIA

We check against the TIA’s Watchdog Reporting System to ensure that the carrier has no complaints issued against them.

Verify Insurance

Coverage dates and amounts are then confirmed with the carrier’s insurance policy.

Approval/Ongoing Maintenance

The CI (Carrier Rating) is assigned and updated and kept track via the Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

Carrier Index Score

A Carrier Index Score (CIS) is data collected using everything from roadside inspections to crash reports from the previous 12 months. This index allows Bally Logistics to prepare for any problems or incidents that could delay your product’s delivery.

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